Don’t play with the innocence of those small cute buds.

Don’t show your sexual acts to those little pillars who don’t even understand that you are not a human.

I am not telling that the one who are doing these kinds of cheap acts are animals because relying upon animals is far better. They will never break our hope!

Every time when kids want to explore and when those little buds longs to open up their petals they are shut by some kind of cruel minded monsters.

They crush their colourful petals! 

Instead of letting them shine with their fragrance and colours those pure souls are straining with fear and blood.

They are crushing these little buds everyday everywhere and still the kids  trust them.

They never fail to show their love to us.

They never fail to bring that big smile in our face!

When they bring everybody happiness, the monsters give back sadness to them by wrenching them.

Kids never fail to make our smile permanent!

But we! We always fail to look after them.

That is what the world is doing to the little gems on this earth.

Their cute little feet are seduced instead of admiring.


The angels of this earth believe that everyone in this world is good hearted.

They show their unconditional love even to the demons around them!

They believe that this world is a beautiful place with glorified souls around them but the truth is there are many beasts wandering around.

They love the masked beasts not knowing their true intention.

It hurts to see scars in their angelic hearts!

The worst part is that they are ruined in their ABCD life.

They don’t even know that there are 26 letters but those idiots teach them the meaning of pain, rape, fear, struggle!

What could be worse than this?


And to get rid of these idiots

1)We as a society has to teach them about good touch and bad touch.

2)We must sit and spend time with them so that they will have time to talk and share their day-today activities.

3)We must be friendly so that these small buds could tell everything frankly.

4)Kids are not meant to go for singing and dancing classes alone. They should also be sent to karate, boxing and self-defending classes also to be a strong person. It helps them boost their confidence.

5)We must never leave our kids to anyone that can’t be trusted.

Because we live in a world where even an animal is being assaulted.

And so never let anyone dull the brightness of your cute colourful angels.

Despite your busy day , bad day at work , always try to spend time with your kids because you are the first person that they know and love.


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